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How to Make a Faux Barn Board

These faux barn boards look great at the home or the cottage! Here’s how to create one of your own.

Purchase fresh rough-cut lumber 1” thick by 4“ TO 12” wide. For a vertical application, have the lumber store cut the wood to the wall height. If a horizontal application is preferred, have various lengths cut so not to appear repetitious. Use cedar, pine or spruce.

Cottage Paint Faux Barn Board

1. Paint the rough side of the wood with Cottage Paint Clay Formula (Country Manor). Applied with a roller. Be sure to paint the sides as well

Faux Cottage Paint Barn Board

2. Mix Cottage Paint (Midnight) Antique Glaze and Cottage Paint Easy Glaze together at a ratio of 1/1.

Faux Barn Board Cottage Paint2

3. Then roll the glaze on top of the paint.

Faux Barn Board Cottage Paint3

4. Before it dries, wipe off the excess with a large damp sponge. Watch the natural texture of the wood do its thing. Each piece will develop its own character all on its own.

Faux Barn Board Cottage Paint 4

5. Finally, while the glaze is still wet, scuff the surface with a rough grit sanding block, against the wood grain. This smooths the roughest part of the wood and exposes the natural wood colour. This creates a variation in the surface colour giving it a more natural appearance.

6. Screw 1" by 2" wood strapping across the entire length of the wall at the top, middle and bottom. Attach each piece to the strapping using two screws at the top, middle and bottom of the board.

As soon as the weather breaks, I will be installing this on the walls at my family's cottage. It will help to hide those ugly cracks that come back year after year.

-by Gail Rogers, Creative Director, Cottage Paint