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How to design based on your favourite beer

Pour a glass of beer and get inspired to design.

The cold amber liquid of a delicious brew can stir up the imagination for more than just out-of-the-ordinary feats of strength or dialing an ex.

That almost 4,000-year-old liquor of the goddesses can inspire sophisticated and thoughtful home decor and interior design through its colour, texture and sensory associations. Think luxe leather, honey-coloured aged wood flooring and amber lighting on dim… and you are on the right track to using the power of beer for good.

Colour. From a dark imperial stout to a light lager, there are colour inspirations to fit anyone’s visual pleasure centre. If you are looking to create a luxe sophisticated and pub-like atmosphere in your home, I’d mix the colours or stouts with red ales and maybe add a bit of light lager in as a neutral.

Texture. You may be thinking that texture is liquid, so why bother talking texture? Well, it’s more than the smooth liquid of beer that I’m referencing. The texture of beer is the glass bottle or glass it is served in. It’s the napkin on the bar. It’s the wood bar and brass railing. It’s the leather cushion on the traditional bar stool. Combine the leather as upholstery as a chair or sofa, use the wood as a floor or as a reclaimed wall wainscoting. The glass and brass can be perfect as hardware and lighting. And the liquid of the beer can inspire the easy flow through the space. In a luxe bar, where a pint of beer is savoured, there is visual calmness and fun.

Sense associations. Ah, think about a cold beer, and how that cold beer makes you feel. The part about design that is less than scientific and more visceral is translating that blissful cold beer feeling into a physical space. To me, that cold beer means ‘ah.’ It is the reward at the end of a sweaty day on a jobsite. I’m dirty, hungry and looking to relax. So my sense association would include a comfortable upholstered chair that I can sink into with close seating for a few friends around my chair oasis. My beer bliss moment evokes the need for low levels of lighting, quiet and slightly spunky music, the absence of mirrors to witness my dirty face and wind-worn hair, no need to solve problems or face intellectual stimulation, and no visual clutter to keep my brain activity low.

That sip of cold beer to me is an entry into the ‘ah’ of life. Your ‘ah’ might be different. But the way to diagnose your ah starts with your feeling and what objects either support or detract from your chosen feeling.

So what do you think about designing with beer as an inspiration?

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