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How to Construct a Rooftop Patio

Rooftop Rebels Premieres at HOSS Magazine in January 2017

Scores of city dwellers want a piece of paradise in the sky and this is why Sean Kelley and Taylor Palmer are in such high demand.

The duo is with Reveal Design, a full-service landscape design-and-build-boutique based in Chicago, Illinois, and this January they will launch their new digital series, Rooftop Rebels.

Viewers will enjoy how the two create dream escapes and fantasies for property owners and they will be totally fascinated with how they turn unusable rooftop spaces into ‘hip’ usable spaces.

HOSS Magazine, one of North America’s leading home lifestyle magazines, will feature the new digital series on its website in January 2017.

Stay tuned for the launch of Rooftop Rebels at HOSS Magazine. The new series is loaded with creativity, drama and humour. Yes, expect the extraordinary with a bird’s eye view.