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DIY Tiki Bar- Build Your Own Tiki Bar with These Tips

You certainly don’t need to be down south to sip on some mouthwatering tropical drinks while listening to cool summertime themed tunes. That’s right you can have your own Tiki Bar on your back deck or in your backyard and your family and friends will love it. Plus the summer is coming and now is the time to get planning. Just think, when you have your own outdoor bar, you will be the life of the party!

Pick your space. First, determine where you want to have you bar. It could be on the back deck or somewhere in the backyard. Once you know its place then just work from there.

Get supplies. According to DIY experts, there are number of supplies you will need to get going, and they include: Bamboo poles, bamboo fencing, thatching/palm leaves, plywood sheets, lumber (two feet by four feet), and staple gun and nails.

Get building. When getting started, identify the dimensions you are working with and make a rough sketch of how you want your bar to look. Keep in mind that bars are normally 42 inches high and are about two feet deep. The width can range: four to eight feet. Once you complete this then get framing. Once this is done, nail in bamboo fencing to cover all sides of your bar so that your new outdoor escape looks totally tropical.

Build the roof. The roof is really what defines a Tiki Bar. Use four bamboo poles to support your sloped roof and ensure that you connect everything with a frame. Then all you need to do is staple all sorts of palm leaves on the roof and you are good to go. The more palm leaves you use the better – you want to your backyard space to have that Jimmy Buffet feel.

Don’t forget the accessories. There are a variety of styles and sizes of Tiki Bars, so know the one you want and create it. Once you have your new bar all set up, then hit your local party story and get decorating. Bar stools, funky lights tropical flowers, Tiki torches, Tiki mugs, and Tiki statues will all look nice in your new “tropical getaway.” Oh, and don’t forget to get a bar fridge and a blender. Serve up the drinks and get the party started.