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How To Achieve a Luxe Black Home Interior

If you aren't sure about black as a wall or home décor color, take a moment to read this.

Yes, black is a luxe color.

Super rich colors are so saturated that they have more visual depth and exude an expensive quality. Done well, with intention and style, black can become the key to unlock your inner decorating diva.

So how do you unlock your inner desire to go with a black interior? I have three important design tips to help nurture your dark side.

Material is everything. Black is very different depending on the material the color is on. Think about a black trash bag, then black fur, black appliances, black denim, black spandex, and black sequins. All of those blacks are different in the way we feel when we see them, think about them, and whether the black item is ‘cheap’ or ‘valued.’ When creating your home interior, be mindful of the material. Buying black armchairs in velvet with tufting and nailhead trim gives a completely different feel than an overstuffed black microsuede recliner.

Sheen is elemental. Deliberating over paint shouldn’t stop at the color. There are a few other choices beyond just the hue. The kind of paint needs to be selected, but then there is also sheen. Many paint desks offer a sample so you can see how the sheen affects the color, because sheen does affect how we interpret the color. A color can look more saturated the less sheen it has, which is why I like to choose eggshell or flat as the sheen for a darker room. If you plan to paint the walls, trim, and ceiling in the same color, you can use the ‘sheen factor’ to your advantage. Keeping the same sheen for all surfaces will allow the room to feel like a singular backdrop, allowing the architectural elements to sing solos. If you change the sheen from each surface, be mindful that the color might look different from surface to surface.

Shine is essential. My designer mojo is that a touch of shine is essential in any space, even outside on a porch or a deck. An influx of shine immediately adds visual interest, giving a space more depth and turning away any potential somber feelings in a darker space. In an interior that is mostly black or another dark color, shine gives a space a bit of life and fun that an otherwise darker room might not have. Little elements that are light in appearance, like a brass floor lamp or a rose-gold-and-glass coffee table or metallic pillows or statement décor on a shelf, are all that is needed to balance the richness of the dark interior space.

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