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Home Design With Our Pets in Mind

Celebrate your pet in style Pet home design is more than just the practical necessities of living with an animal. It’s about celebrating the animals we love, whether we live with them now or are still remembering them fondly.

Our fur babies are more than just animals, they are members of our families. While some of us may take our relationship a little farther down the road into ‘pet luxury’lifestyle accessories and home décor, many of us are still charmed by the little inspiration home items that celebrate our beloved animals.

I have a few tips to incorporate your love of your favorite little friend into your home without going too far, and rattling those who aren’t ‘as gaga’ about your relationship, like your other loved ones and friends that pop over for a visit.

Tips for celebrating your fur babies at home.

Curate your collectibles. When we are in love, whether it’s a human or an animal love, we can get a bit over-board in our excitement to express affection and admiration. Adopting a Dalmatian may lead you to noticing every Dalmation wall art and figurine in every shop you pass by. Keep in mind that it’s ok to have a small collection or a few little pet home décor items around your home, car, and office. My guess is that you are more than just your relationship with your pet. And when you have too much of a good thing, it’s hard to notice how special each item is.

Keep your style. It happens a lot. There’s a giant purchase of an item for a pet (and we do this for our kids, too) that sticks out like a sore thumb in a home. With Internet shopping and Pinterest, it’s possible to either find or alter most anything to fit inside the home style you have carefully created for your family. Your pet is part of the family, and the pet’s bed and water bowl can be in a style and material that fits inside the design style of your family.

Comfort your pet. While I believe that design through the senses can create an environment that is calm, loving, and welcoming, the home décor needs to be practical and comfortable. Having the best-looking cat tower or dog bed means nothing if your pet doesn’t use it. Incorporating the elements from your pet’s current favorite spot in the home into that new purchase could help welcome your pet into using that new possession. For example, a blanket or favorite toy brings their smell to that new spot. And almost anything can be altered or enhanced for optimal enjoyment and pleasure.

Join us on Wednesday, February 22nd at 8pmET for #HOSSdesign Twitter chat when we talk about home décor inspired and created for the most loved animals in our lives. We’ll be sharing furniture, wall art, doghouses, cat towers, and so much more.