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Home Decorating Inspired by the Egg

It’s an egg-cellent idea to think about yellow. An egg can be cheery color inspiration for your home.

Inspiration for a home decorating plan can be found anywhere, even in your breakfast and baking.

The egg might be most associated with eating and Easter, but the yellow-and-white color of an egg is a bold cheery statement that can brighten a room.

When you are thinking about recreating an inspiration in your personal design interpretation-execution of the idea, there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure you stay away from cliché.

Color. Use the colors of the inspiration to recreate the ‘feeling.’ When a bold yellow and white are paired together, with very little other color, I see a yummy-happy egg. If there are other colors to compete with the inspired colors, then the message becomes jarbled and confusing.

Texture. The texture of our home furnishings can exude tons of associations. If you are going all-egg in a space, think about smooth furnishings in those hues. And you can maybe add some rattan or woven pieces in natural colors, and maybe even feathers for an egg-tra effect.

Simplicity. It’s easy to go crazy over an inspiration. If you love the idea of egg-inspiration, you may want to make egg art, collect egg sculptures, make egg pillows, and paint a giant sunny-side up egg on the ceiling. The reason is that once we start on a theme, the ideas can explode and before you know it, you start out with a theme like a jungle and end up with a pet monkey or two. Pull back on the ideas, and select the ones that make you feel bliss.

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