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Holiday wreaths, mantels, tables are fun excuses to try new décor ideas.

For the holidays, try something new at home.

There are so many tempting decorating ideas that I see everyday on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Google image searches, and Twitter. I could get lost for hours inside the endless stream of creative images shared from all of over the world, and it takes a discipline that is way stronger than resisting a tempting chocolate cake.

My three favorite holiday décor opportunities appeal to three different kinds of commitment levels and creativity time investments. Let’s talk it through.

The holiday wreath.

Low commitment. Low time investment. High opportunity for creativity.

The holiday wreath is a perfect example of a crafty DIY project that welcomes any material and design style. It is temporary, can be extremely easy to make in an afternoon, can be inexpensive, and if you decide it isn’t quite right…It’s easy to just take it down and replace it with another idea.

The holiday tablescape or table centerpiece.

Low commitment. Moderate time investment. Medium opportunity for creativity.

The holiday table offers a larger amount of space to create, so if you like to spend time conceiving and creating, but don’t mind that it only lasts for the event, then this is your place to try out new ideas. You can go vertical with a centerpiece, create mini decorations at each seat, decorate the chairs, add lighting elements, use fragrance with scent and candles, and even include motion activated sound of a jolly Ho Ho Ho whenever someone walks by the table.

The holiday fireplace mantel.

Low commitment. Moderate time investment. Maximum opportunity for creativity.

The holiday fireplace mantel is a classic place to share some holiday spirit. It’s where the stockings are hung by the chimney with care. The mantel is like 3D wall art, where little or big things can be placed in a collection like on a shelf, things can go vertical and even hang on the wall above the mantel, and depending on the mantel style, there are maximum amounts of opportunity to try a new look. It’s a perfect place to display crafts and little treasures. And since you’ll be cozy by the fire, it’s the one location from the holiday trifecta that you’ll be staring at the most. So you’ll know if you like that color you were tempted to select for your bedroom, or if gold and silver really do make you happy when they are mixed together.

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