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Holiday Lights Can Set the Mood of Your Home

There is something magical about twinkle lights that make me smile every year. When I was a little girl, my dad would drive us around our town to look at the holiday lights. And now as a mom, we drive around our town to enjoy the holiday displays that have grown beyond my wildest expectations when I was a little girl.

Lights have changed dramatically over my lifetime, and the options with lighting colors, blinking options, and sizes give us so many more opportunities to express our personal holiday spirit.

My dad never put holiday lights on our house. We just decorated a tree that was lit in the front bow window of our split-level home. I always fancied the day when I could string lights to outline my home and help give other families another twinkle light experience.

So whether you are a subtle winter holiday celebrator, or if you’d love to compete in an all-out holiday light fight, I’ve got a few tips that can help you out.

Size matters. So you’ve seen homes decked out in extreme lighting, and you are thinking this is the year you’ll give it a go. I caution you. If you’ve never gone ‘all-out’ on exterior lighting, start small. If you segment the lighting plan into smaller projects, you can always add more to the lighting next weekend with project 2 or 3. For example, string lights to the porch could be one project, lighting the tree in the front yard is another project, spotlighting the house is another project, adding lights to the front windows is another. If each project is separate, it won’t be odd when you’ve only outlined your garage in lights.

Go inside. I’m a fan of anyone who takes the time and effort to bedazzle the exterior of their home in holiday lighting, but don’t forget that you probably will be inside your home more than on your front lawn. So, while planning that traffic-stopping light show, take the time to think about small lighting touches to the inside. Lighting a banister or a few doorways can add a little bit of festiveness without taking a whole bunch of time.

DIY lighting. Even if you aren’t a DIYer, you can do some holiday lighting décor that looks like you are a bit of an expert worthy of a huge Pinterest following. Adding lights to jars, inside little houses or around tiny trees on a mantel or shelf is so easy and adds tons of holiday cheer. And yes, it takes some time, but you can take the bulbs out of a string of lights and spray paint the dark green or white cord in a metallic to make it look way more expensive.