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Geek is Chic

Comic books aren't just for kids anymore. Geeks, freaks and superheroes are trending big time. Nerd-dom is upon us and it's (you guessed it!) super!

Comic book artwork is hot stuff. Whether it’s the “POW” and “ZAP” typography or graphics coloured in the halftone technique ala Roy Lichtenstein, comic book design is here, and we love it. When we were approached by an avid comic book fan (who also holds down a high-powered day job in a big city financial district), we were stoked to build him his own fortress of solitude.

The resulting urban loft space is cool, sophisticated and cheeky, with comic book referencescarefully splashed throughout. So, how exactly does superhero chic work? The trick is to not overwhelm the space with a theme. If every single thing in the room is of the same motif or style, it’s just too much. Coco Chanel once said “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory” and the same can be applied in the home—especially when designing with a theme.

Vintage cool

Our client prefers a minimal look and feel, so we kept the tchotchkes to a minimum, while still ensuring the room didn’t look empty.We like to use items with a “found object” feel, so we opted for great vintage-looking metal trunks from CB2 as a nightstand beside the bed.

The artwork is the key. The bright, colourful Pop-Art pieces from Denial art give us that comic book edge we were aiming for.We also get this effect from the custom teb Interiors pillow on the bed. Created using a premade superhero fabric, we embellished it with glitter and appliqued a large ‘POW’to the front. The final touch to the room’s “comic book feel” is the Oracle dresser fromToronto’s Design Republic with a custom comic book print, resin coated to the face.

Sleek and masculine

The executive part of this room comes from one of our own beds that we call the ‘Draper Bed.’The design is sleek and masculine and we wrapped it in a super dark navy men’s wool suiting with a very subtle baby blue window pane check pattern on it. We added a light tufted detail using buttons we made from a tan coloured leather to mimic men’s Oxford dress shoes. Because nothing is sexier than a man in an impeccablenavy plaid,three-piece suit with tan leather dress shoes.

The result? Comic books—cool and edgy. But the room also has a smooth, grown-up sophistication.

Terry Edward Briceland is the Creative Dictator of teb Interiors in Toronto, known for its edgy design, custom upholstery and a flair for creating one-of-a-kind show pieces. Find him online at tebinteriors.com

-by Terry Edward Briceland