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Fashion trend trickles to home decor

From taboo to trendy, mixing metals takes room from drab to fab

Mixing metals can turn a room from ‘just nice’ into a sophisticated luxe statement that your friends will swoon over.

Yes, mixing metals in the same room used to be a bit taboo. We wouldn't ever combine two different metal finishes in an outfit or in a room, unless budget or availability meant that we absolutely had no other choice.

When we’re remodeling a bathroom, we have traditionally looked at the available finishes with a client, selected one, and then either stuck to one brand and one look, or mixed it up to allow for an upscale faucet and a lower end towel rack or robe hooks. But we would mostly stick with the brushed nickel, chrome or oil-rubbed bronze.

But no longer.

Why trends turn our heads Designers respond to what’s happening in the world through their choice of colour, texture and material. It’s our way of communicating the collective story of where we are in our world.

Designers know that strong style trends are typically a cultural response to current events, making the statement of the style trend innately relatable to most of us.

A strong trend will carry through in every segment from wearable tech to auto to fashion to home decor. Designers spend time intuiting the cultural emotions and turn them into physical objects that can comfort, celebrate and provide hope.

Back to mixing metals. In fashion, we’ve been mixing metals for several years, so it isn’t entirely cutting edge. But it usually takes a few years for home decor and design to follow on-point. Home design can be a larger, longer-term investment for the owner, and sometimes a fashion trend is just that. If it’s a quick blip that doesn't exactly have stability or swoon-factor, it won’t take root in home decor and interior design.

I’ve collected a few of my favourite examples of how metals are making magic at home. I hope you’ll see the sophistication, visual depth, and story-telling curiosity these rooms offer through the mix of metals. Story-telling curiosity? Yes. When I see these rooms, I want to know more about the homeowner. I bet they have tons of interesting stories to tell.

The bronze pendant, gold mirror, and oil-rubbed bronze wall lamp mix effortlessly in this loft-style living room. –photo credit LampsPlus

Vintage style embraces the mixing of metals at home. This bathroom has a mix of vintage luxe with modern, too. –photo credit Better Homes & Gardens

Just because there's chrome on most surfaces, doesn't mean that mirror can't work. It does. Mix metals at home. –photo credit Better Homes & Gardens

A whimsy take on mixing metals in the bathroom while upcycling. –photo credit Benjamin Bullins

Parisian pied-a-terre, city apartment living room mixes metals of brass in the chandelier with nickel in the coffee table. -photo credit LampsPlus

Brushed brass with stainless steel works together, with a little help from those sleek black cabinets. – photo credit Traditional Home

If you spy metal mixing in home decor while you are shopping online or in store, share with us. I’d love to see what’s inspiring you. And join us on Wednesdays at 1:30pmET on Twitter for our weekly conversation on home design during #HossColor chat .