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Dream Kitchen Renovation

My Do’s and Don’t’s for a stress free and rewarding Dream Kitchen Renovation

1.Establish a budget – you definitely need to start with a dollar figure in mind. Whatever number you come up with, make sure to add 5-10% for those extras that come up (and inevitably will) or those “must haves” that you just can’t live without.

2.Don’t be cheap – next to the purchase of your home, the kitchen is the next biggest purchase you will make and also the one that will make the most impressions. So if you really love a door style, cabinet feature or countertop – try to make it work. If you think about the average lifespan of a kitchen is 20-25 years, amortize the item or feature you really want over that timeframe and you will see that it really doesn’t cost you much at all

3.Do your homework – the internet was created for a reason, so surf it for the latest style and innovation, design, appliances. Home renovation and décor magazines are also a great resource for providing lifestyle shots for inspiration, editorials on design and features and benefits of materials and appliances.

4.Sketch it – use the many free design services online to sketch out a kitchen design that works for you. Play with configurations, size and space to really visualize what your dream kitchen will look like

5.Make sure it meets your lifestyle – what I mean is to ensure that the kitchen meets your lifestyle today but also takes consideration for the space 10+ years from now. For example, if you have a family today

6. Ask for references – if you working with a contractor and one that is new to you..ask for references. Getting to know your contractor before using them is key to a stress free and successful kitchen project. Make sure they are also great at project management – you don’t want your dream kitchen project to be as long as a pregnancy term

7.Work with a designer – all kitchen showrooms and many home improvement centers offer trained kitchen designers who can assist you in getting everything you want from your space. Book an appointment with them and see the value they can bring to your project

8.Pay attention to the accessories – cabinet hardware can make or break your door style, so make sure you pick a style that suits your lifestyle and is comfortable. Lighting is also key accessory so ensure your kitchen incorporates a good balance between functional, task and embellishment lighting.

9.Highlight it – I am huge fan of a big trend in open storage. Whether it’s using a finished cabinet without a door or a floating shelf on a wall – it’s the perfect way to highlight your fave dishes, bowls or collectibles. It also helps open up the space if your kitchen is small in size.

10.Use every available inch – I strongly recommend taking your cabinets to the ceiling height and taking advantage of the extra storage or display space. Convert your empty toekick space into usable/functional space. Incorporate a toekick drawer – these drawers are great for storing large, flat items like baking sheets and platters you don’t use everyday. A toekick drawer is also a great place to hide a step stool. So if you are height challenged or have young children, this drawer is a great addition to the space.

-by Frank Turcof