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  • Evelyn Eshen Home Show

Evelyn Eshun Takes the Stage at the National Home Show

Recognized for her classic taste and eclectic style, Interior Designer Evelyn Eshun has been providing innovative, forward-thinking and consistently artistic design solutions almost two decades.

The design personality on various television shows, including Take this House and Sell it, is taking the stage at Toronto’s National Home Show this month to talk about the influence of fashion on interiors and reconsidering your outdoor living space.

"Adding glamour to a room though accessories and hardware brings an added element to a room," says Eshun of Evelyn Eshun Design Inc. "This season, brushed metal and black are making an appearance through lighting fixtures and hardware. Dress maker details can be seen in furniture and fabrics and are being incorporated into our homes in our living rooms, dens, bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms."

Eshun’s top 3 tips on how to update your interiors to reflect your lifestyle 

• Add new drawer pulls, hardware and accessories to instantly refresh any kitchen or bathroom. 

• Consider purchasing two rugs for your main living area: a neutral and light one for the spring/summer season and one with more colour and pattern for the winter fall season. 

• Consider speaking to a lighting expert to select the proper bulbs for your rooms. Lighting is the key element, which can give a room personality, mood and ambiance.

Planning your outdoor space It is so important for homeowners to invest in their outdoor living space and consider their options. Homeowners are now incorporating designated areas in their yards for everything from seating and entertaining to outdoor kitchens and hot tubs.

"By designing and decorating your outdoor living space as an extension of the indoors of your home, you can express your personality with texture, colour, fabrics, plants, and various materials," says Eshun. "Including a plan for a covered area such as a pergola, a deck or stone surfaces, a fireplace, an outdoor kitchen and proper planting for privacy adds functional square footage to your home."

Eshun’s top 3 tips to help you begin planning your outdoor ‘room’ 

• Measure your space. You do not have the benefit of walls and ceilings to create boundaries. Having the size requirements of your seating or dining areas will narrow down your search for items that are appropriate. 

• Consider finishes and how much maintenance they require as not all materials can be left outdoors in all weather situations. Make sure you ask the supplier how to care for the items you invest in. 

• Consider a lighting plan. After a long day’s work, you want to be able to extend the enjoyment of your space into the evening hours. 

For the full schedule and stage times, visit www.nationalhomeshow.com.