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Decor Dilemma: Artwork or TV?

Now thanks to Motorized Picture Lift, Homeowners Don’t Have to Choose. Here’s why.

I am a huge lover of art and I am an artist myself. I am also a huge lover of watching TV and movies! Some rooms don’t have enough wall space to feature a piece of art as well as a TV, and this can cause some challenges and comprises for the decor of your home. A lot of TVs that get installed over fireplaces, as an example, are taking away the only good place for a painting or a beautiful photograph in a room. Artwork can truly bring a room to life and can add vibrancy, character and charm to a space. Adding nice artwork to a room can enhance your décor in a way that a TV can’t. But, having said that, you can’t watch your favourite shows and be entertained for hours on end by a painting either. So, what to do? 

Well, I have the solution for you. You need one of Future Automation’s Motorized Picture Lift (PIC) or Picture Split (PICSPLIT) Mechanisms. These are sweet products that allow you an easy way to hide a 32”-60” TV behind an original artwork. These motorized beauties are super quiet, easy to operate and come in a variety of styles. The choice really comes down to where you have available wall space for a picture or painting to move into place when you want to watch TV. They have a mechanism to lift a picture up or down, they have another to go left or right and they have a final choice to split two pictures down the middle and move one to the left and one to the right.

Every installation scenario is a little different depending on your available space, but in general you will need to create a niche to recess the TV into for this product to provide its full cosmetic benefit. Also, it may be tough to find off-the-shelf artwork that is the right size for what you need, so the best option might be to contract an artist or photographer to create or re-create something for you.

All of Future Automation’s motorized products are controllable from a remote control that comes with the product and they are also easily integrated into most universal remote control systems and third-party automation systems. So sit back, relax and enjoy your artwork and your TV.