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Creating a teenager’s room

Teenagers have such a strong POV when it comes to decorating their space, which can be challenging for some, professionals and parents alike. But when you listen to what they have to say and guide them with what they like aesthetically, it can be a fun and rewarding project.

The design direction for this fun space was to create a room that my young client would call her “own” and enjoy it with her friends. With my contractor, we took down the wall inbetween two bedrooms, doubling the space to create a lounge area, with a pullout sofa bed for sleepovers. The space incorporated purple - her fave colour of the moment - with added textures in velvet stripes and cottons. The neutral off-white slipcover base was infused with bright white, sequined greys and pops of purples and pinks in the decorative pillows that can easily change up as her tastes change. The grey velvet paneled drapes were ready-made and added to the luxe vibe of the room. Her favourite pieces in the room are the silver shaded crystal chandeliers. “They are pretty and sparkly!”

A friendly work station for homework was paramount, with plenty of flat surface space that would allow her to work on and c omplete creative art projects. My design truly reflected what she needed for her day-to-day routines and created her “own” space to enjoy with friends for many years ahead.

-by Paul Semkuley