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Could Your Water Make Your Home Healthier?

Water filters are part of a smart home design plan.

Home design can nurture our souls, calm our brains, and create order over a hectic modern lifestyle. And more than color, fabric, and decor, design is the functional parts of your home, too.

Thinking about functional, the most essential part of living healthy is hydration, as our bodies are 50 percent or more water. Beyond the drinking parts of water, water in our homes make life easier for cooking, washing, and the, um, waste removal part of bathroom life.

Yes, you may be trusting that the water coming out of your faucet is clean and free of impurities like lead, mercury, asbestos, herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, and pharmaceuticals. And in the United States, there still are millions of lead service lines and some infrastructure even dates back to the Civil War era, according to the American Society of Civil Engineers.

So you may not be spot-on correct about your water being its healthiest. Testing your water is a good first step to knowing what your water is sharing with your family. Your local health department may provide you with a free test kit.

And then the next step is incorporating a water filter into your drinking water.There are so many kinds of water filters, including carafes, faucet-mounted models, under sink filters, refrigerator filters, and whole-house systems. The price usually starts at about $20 for a carafe and faucet-mounted filter to $1,000 for a reverse-osmosis system. The water filter package should say the filter meets NSF certification, which develops standards for the industry.

Sounds simple, but it gets more complicated when we factor in that there are knock-off filters being sold. Those water filters have labels that look like the real-deal, but may not be meeting the same standards that your appliance company’s filter can guarantee without damaging your appliance or wrecking your warranty.

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