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Cottage modern style

A bright bold interior for a unique homeowner.

Recently, I was given a wonderful opportunity to translate an artistic and unique client’s personality into his new two-storey glass villa in Ontario’s cottage country. The well-travelled homeowner had collected artwork and small furnishings over time, reserved for this particular home-to-be. The possibilities can be endless when a collaboration of this nature presents itself. It was a challenge I couldn’t wait to take on!

As a designer, we look to create spaces that reflect the homeowner’s personality. My direction was that the villa had to be extraordinary, unique, comfortable, and that any new pieces of furniture needed to be incorporated seamlessly with the items he had acquired for the space.

This design-savvy fellow has an affinity for the legendary American architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Like Wright, my client believes in designing structures and interiors that are in harmony with humanity and its environment.

The villa itself was impressive. Light filled the space, streaming in from the two-storey glass wall overlooking a perfectly manicured golf course and wooded scene. The space exudes a natural tranquility and already had some unique features including a floor-to-ceiling ledge rock granite fireplace and an expansive open riser staircase complete with glass rail. It was a true canvas.

We began talking about incorporating a custom piece of art into the home. Wanting something organic in nature, we designed a bold, stark driftwood tree. The commissioned artist built the piece to wrap around a centre post that held up the mezzanine. The new piece was not just front-and-centre, it was also our jumping off point for the colour palate, textures, and fabrics to be repeated throughout the villa.

A custom wood and glass peg table was made to provide a piece that was refined yet rustic. Finesse, quality and sophistication were paramount and the butter soft leather sofa provided the clean lines and comfort the client insisted on. Much like a gallery, the antiques and art needed to ‘pop’. We ran with muted cabinets and paint selections that would not distract from the furnishings.

The kitchen island called for custom glass pendants that mimicked the wood in colour and in design – we found the pre-made choices to be either too contemporary or too “tiffany.” Sleek wood and stainless stools with low back rests kept the lines clean. I was fortunate to get my hands on a wonderful lamp that was the perfect balance of rustic and modern. In the end, the collaboration was a success and the interior was truly one of a kind, just like the client.