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Celebrate Twilight Zone Day with Unusual Home Decor Ideas

I'm a fan of celebratory days, and I frequently check the obscure calendars to find out if I should be celebrating vanilla cupcakes (November 10) or talk like a pirate (September 19). So when I spied that today is twilight zone day, I started to think about how the concept of twilight zone could be applied to our home design.

To me, the twilight zone elicits ideas of mystery, surprise, intrigue, and the play with light, shadow and colour. All perfect elements to add a bit of visual interest in any home.

The point of visual interest is to keep your mind and eye thinking, guessing, and engaged in the visual element. It's that painting on the wall that looks a bit different every time you look at it, or the way the shadow of a setting sun changes the look of a backyard. Twilight zone keeps you thinking, keeps you guessing, and does the added benefit of keeping you engaged.

Here are a few ways to take inspiration from the twilight zone and elevate your home interior:

Flooring. There are tons of amazing examples of wood floor patterns that play tricks on our eyes, but the effect of wonder and hesitation can be achieved with an interesting graphic pattern.

Wall texture. One of the happiest benefits of online shopping is that options like textural wall panels are extremely easy to find. Instead of just painting patterns on a wall to achieve a graphic look, a wall texture in a solid colour provides the shadow lines that keep the wall alive and change throughout the day.

Art. I love art in places where we know that we will spend time, sitting, waiting, and sitting some more. So bathrooms, hallways outside bathrooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms. There are many doctor offices and hotel rooms that could benefit from the jolt of an interesting, mind-teasing art infusion. Think optical illusions and graphic images that could be interpreted in a multitude of ways.

If you have other ideas of how interior decor can keep us from letting the design just fade into the background of our lives, we would love to know.