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Can a room have personality in white?

White may seem ‘basic’ and a default colour, but is it really boring?

Yes, there is the basic white car, the white printer paper, the white sheets and towels, the ceiling white paint, but what about wedding dresses and faux fur blankets and freshly fallen snow? They aren’t boring or basic.

I think white is frequently overlooked as a real colour option, instead of a default colour and a blank canvas ready for another colour to make it come alive. White is alive. In its alive form, it is elegant, pure and delicate. White is anything but boring. And what we see as the colour white is all of the colours of the rainbow being reflected back to us. It is every colour. Just ask Bill Nye the Science Guy.

So how can you design an entire room with the colour white?

It may seem odd to use only the colour white, and I would typically caution against it, even if you are Kim K and obsessed with the colour white.

But you can design an entire room with the colour white if you keep a few design essentials in mind.

  • 1)Texture. Yes, texture is your friend when it comes to using a monochromatic colour palette. Look for ways to incorporate wood, fur, leather, woven fabrics, tile and elements that shimmer or shine. Achieving a balance between elements that are sleek and elements that are weighted with texture will give the room a sense of balance that can otherwise be achieved with varying the colours.
  • 2)Shades and tints. When selecting white as the colour de jure in a space, there isn’t a limit to the exact colour of white. Using shades and tints of white can give the colour depth through just slight variations in the whites used. This will give a sense of warmth to a white space, as well.
  • 3)Fun. My favourite part of design is the fun. When working in a monochromatic colour like white, it’s essential to bring in your personality into the space. So a giant horse or a little collection of white ceramic owls or wicker wall art made by your kids can all add to the fun of a monochromatic home, without compromising the colour choice.