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Bring the Sea Life Indoors

High-end aquariums are the new trend in home decor.

Home aquariums are making a big splash right now, as homeowners embrace the colourful, exotic appeal of these underwater worlds, and incorporate them right into their decor.

“Home aquariums are totally the in-thing right now,” says Brett Raymer, VP and COO of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM) of Nevada in Las Vegas. “People from all walks of life want them as sea life enhances the look and feel of any home. Home aquariums add character, sophistication, intrigue and a sense of adventure to any space.”

“And they sure make great conversation pieces,” he adds.

Raymer says his team is working to keep up with demand, building giant home fish tanks for U.S., Canadian and international clients. He says his aquariums start at $2,500 for a basic smaller tank, with larger, residential built-ins priced at $25,000 and up. And we do mean up. For those with deeper pocket books, elite and larger style aquariums can run over $1 million.

Where do you put an aquarium?

The options are endless, Raymer says. You may want a 50-gallon aquarium in your living room, or a 200-gallon one for your basement. You can also get creative: aquariums look great behind a basement bar, above the bed or at the pool.

What’s the appeal? “There are lots of reasons why homeowners want them,” explains Raymer. “Those who own property and are landlocked want to be closer to sea life. Those who live by the ocean only want more of it.”

Get Tanked

Raymer’s popular Animal Planet reality show, Tanked, probably has something to do with the trend, too. Season 10 of the show premieres in early September.

“Our show airs in 190 countries in 25 different languages and now it seems that everyone wants an aquarium in their home,” he says. “The show is big and it’s getting more homeowners hooked on having sea life in their open spaces.”

“I always call our work living art and that’s just what we create and I absolutely love it,” he says.