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Black May be the “New Black” in Kitchen Appliances

Are we going back to black when designing kitchens?

If you are a kitchen design aficionado, then you have probably already heard about the growing popularity in non-stainless steel appliances in kitchens.

Yes, stainless steel isn’t the answer to our kitchen dreams that we were promised. Commercial kitchens may not follow the trends of home kitchens, and home kitchens have a few different issues to contend with than a restaurant.

The biggest complaints that I’ve encountered? We have lots of tiny fingerprints and not a dedicated staff to help with clean-up.

While there has been a surge back to black in European markets, the trend to black and other options has been slower elsewhere. But it is picking up as a trend. Black and darker colors have made their way back into the kitchen (just take a peek at Pinterest), and now there are really good alternatives to stainless steel in appliance finishes.

One is the newest from GE Appliances called black slate. I’ve seen a lot of pairings with the grey slate option with black cabinets, so it makes huge sense for a black version to become available.

Black is a smart neutral, and it does help calm a stressful space like the busy kitchen. And the bonus to our weight-focused culture, black helps reduce appetites as opposed to white or shinier materials.

We’ll be talking about the trend in black kitchens during our next #HOSSdesign twitter chat on Wednesday, January 25th at 8pmET. I hope you’ll join us, and share what you are seeing as a trend in kitchens where you live.