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Before You Buy a Fire Pit: Here’s What You Need To Know

Having an area for entertaining that is separate to the patio table has been featured in magazines, websites and all types of social media. Even the designs that I’ve been doing for homes in downtown areas seem to always include high-end wood or gas burning fixtures.

Before you go any further in exploring if an outdoor fireplace is right for you, check your municipal bylaws. Some areas ban outdoor burning altogether.

Others allow outdoor fireplaces, but regulate the smoke to ensure that your neighbours are not disturbed. Some municipalities require that grills be in place so that these fire pits fall under barbecue laws.

Just because a store in your area sells you a fire pit doesn’t mean that you can actually use it. Having an outdoor fire pit can be an amazing way to spend a summer night or even host an après ski party. Just make sure you do a little research first.