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Barn Board Mason Jar Sign Classic Christmas Craft

It doesn’t get much trendier than barn board and mason jars. Add some glitter and white lights and you are in business. Dig out those rusty old mason-jar rings that you aren’t supposed to use for canning food and you are all set to have unique, vintage-looking decor.

Barn Board Mason Jar Christmas Sign


  • 3 green 1L glass jars, with rings
  • 2 embossed 1L canning jars, with rings
  • Approximately 25 ft of covered crafting wire
  • Gold and green paint (suitable for painting on glass)
  • Letter stencils, 3” size
  • Gold sparkles
  • Piece of old barn board, about 4 ft long and 8” tall
  • 5 cup hooks
  • 2 strings of clear outdoor Christmas lights – 100 and 25
  • Assorted greenery, ribbon and Christmas balls


Paint the inside of all 5 jars with a gold paint. You may need two coats – have patience.

While the paint is still wet, pour in some gold sprinkles and roll them around to thoroughly coat the inside. Allow them to dry overnight. You will be covered in glitter.

To form the handle, take the wrapped wire and loosely circle the top of the jar, just under the rim. Don’t cut the wire.

Twist the end back onto the wire. Don’t cut the wire just yet.

To snug the wire up, use a pencil and twist the wire tight, leaving a small loop where the pencil was. Still don’t cut the wire.

Pull up a length of the wire and feed it back through the pencil loophole. Tie securely. Now cut the wire.

Screw the rusty old mason jar rings on each of the jars. Set aside somewhere so you don’t knock them to the ground.

Take your barn board and stencils to lay out what you would like to say. Using the gold and green paints, carefully paint on your phrase. While the gold paint is still wet, sprinkle with gold sparkles. Once the paint has dried, carefully brush away any excess using a dry brush. There will be glitter everywhere.

Once the paint is dry, carefully drill two small holes, each 1” down from the top and 12” in from the end. Measure carefully or things will be crooked.

Secure a piece of covered wire, roughly 3’ long, through both holes for hanging.

Across the bottom, evenly measure out and pre-drill for the 5-cup hooks. Screw the hooks in place.

Hang up your masterpiece, adjusting the wire length as necessary

Add the jars and then gently thread the white lights into them and around the sign as desired.

Finish decorating by adding greenery, ribbons and other decorations as desired.

Plug in and enjoy the compliments.

Ten years ago, Melanie Deland traded in her high heels and brief case for a rolling pin and garden plot. She is a would-be domestic goddess, blogging about food, books, her four kids, and tall DH over at www.mbamamamusings.ca

-by Melanie Deland