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  • (Photo: Christopher Drake)
  • (Photo: Christopher Drake)
  • (Photo: Christopher Drake)

Aged in an instant : Painting With Annie Sloan

Frottage is one of my favourite paint techniques as it brings a bolder and more distinctive aging process to any surface in an instant!

You often see this look in Swedish country interiors, I think partly because of the old textured paints that have long been in these wooden interiors, and partly because of the way it is allowed to peel off over time. Here is an example I created on a big table currently sitting in my Oxford shop. It is simply painted with three Chalk Paint colours: Aubusson Blue, Scandinavian Pink and Cream.

How to achieve an aged look using the frottage technique:

  • Chose one Chalk Paint colour as the base: We used Aubusson Blue.
  • Then choose two Chalk Paint colours to create the aged look – we used Scandinavian Pink and Cream.
  • When the base coat is dry, apply a second add-on colour of thin, diluted paint over the surface (use enough water for it to drip slightly). Before this dries lay a newspaper over the surface and rub it down with your hands then lift it off. Voila, the aged look process has begun.
  • When the second add-on colour is dry, add the third diluted colour, following the process as above. This technique removes each layer of paint unevenly to create the age worn effect.
  • Finally add Annie Sloan Clear Wax to seal the surface.
-by Annie Sloan