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A Sophisticated Master Bathroom

After speaking with the homeowners about their new master bathroom, I knew they wanted something elegant and sophisticated with a classic French look.

I started by looking at wallpaper selections from Crown Wallpaper and chose a very unique embroidered wallpaper by Carl Robinson that sits nestled in paneling created to be exactly to the width of the wallpaper. The effect is spectacular.

Elegant, embroidered wallpaper 

Sometimes people are surprised to see wallpaper in a bathroom and they wonder if it wears well. As long as you use commercial-grade wallpaper, it works beautifully. It’s not what you remember with the glue and the pan full of water. I’ve even done an indoor pool with these papers. It’s spectacular and functions very, very well

For our tiled finishes, we were inspired by the new ultra-thin tiles that are available. We chose a beautiful product from Ciot called Maxfine in Onice Oro. Maxfine is a very thin porcelain tile that beautifully simulates real marble—actual pictures of marble slabs are reproduced on the tiles. But at only 6 mm thick, is much lighter and very easy to work with. We used 30x30 tiles in the room and used larger slabs for the wall for the shower. The shower also has a custom, tiled mosaic on the floor, which come mesh mounted from Ciot tile.

Volcanic stone tub holds the heat 

In this family, both husband and wife are very tall, so we selected a large, volcanic stone tub from Flex Depot. The dimensions of this particular tub are 69.2 x 40.5, and it’s quite deep, too, so it’s very roomy. While volcanic stone is very heavy, it holds the heat much better than fiberglass.

Knowing that our overall goal was to give the effect of complete luxury, inspired by a classic French hotel, we included a custom built vanity created from plans drawn up by architect Nataly Houle.

Luxurious vanity 

Our client also wanted an elegant area to apply makeup, so we designed a custom bench cloaked in luxurious velvet fabric that tucks underneath the double sinks of the vanity area.

To really recreate that French essence, attention to detail was key. We have a beveled mirror that goes from floor to ceiling behind the vanity and the two main doors have a beveled mirror in them as well. We added custom mouldings and draperies to finish the look.

The overall effect is luxurious and sophisticated—and the client is very pleased.

Designer: Jean Monet
Room Design: Monet Interiors
Drawings: Art Zone 
Photography: Richard Sibbald

Resource List: 

Montreal Ciot:  Perrin & Rowe taps, shower and bathtub fixtures, Maxfine tiles in Onice Oro, toilet, plumbing
Contractor: Candu Group
Crown Wallpaper: Carlton by Carl Robinson, Edition 3 Specialty Papers
Flex Depot: Volcanic stone tub
Nuheat: Infloor heating 
Restoration Hardware: Chandelier

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