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A Pop of texture can elevate your home design prowess

As a designer and colour expert, I answer a lot of questions about colour as paint on walls.

It’s like any field where there’s a geek-level of passion, I’m the first to start bringing in the complexities of colour selection that involve light, adjacent rooms, decor and texture.

Yes, texture.

There’s much talked about a pop of color when thinking about a room or home exterior makeover, but pop of texture is equally and maybe even more important.

Texture is what gives a space intentioned and interesting shadow lines, providing depth to otherwise flat surfaces. From textured wallpaper to lighting with interesting materials to wood flooring or wainscoting, there are so many easy ways beyond a plush pillow or rug to incorporate a texture palette into a space.

Texture is part of the visioning stage of a project. When I consult with a new remodeling client, I always start with what the vision is for the space. How do you hope to use the space and how do you hope it will make you and your loved ones feel? Answering these questions helps inform every decision along the way. And texture gives reality to those adjectives many homeowners use, including warm, cozy, comfortable, easy, fun, relaxing and stress-free.

Texture elevates the perceived value of a room. Think about those rooms you’ve swooned over on Pinterest or in a favourite magazine like Hoss. Those rooms usually include texture in the essential decor elements. If you study a space and take away those elements, the room usually appears flat, less expensive and more Ikea than Pottery Barn. I don’t know if Pottery Barn ever has shared a room photo without texture.

If you are curious about how to incorporate texture into a specific space, send me a note over on Twitter or join our weekly chat #hosscolor every Tuesday at 1pmET. I host the chat with Hoss magazine editors, and it’s all about home design and colour. You’ll totally fit in and smile from the inspiration shared.