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A Pop of Copper Can Elevate any Room in Your Home

Metallics add sophistication and a fun element of shine Copper might not be the first metal that comes to mind, but it’s a metal that works elegantly in any space and can pair perfectly with most any color or metallic.

From entry doors to ovens and everything in-between, copper is a special pop in any home. The earthy rich shine warms a space while simultaneously giving a luxe quality.

And today's use of copper may be isolated to a kitchen backsplash, a little side table, or a few home décor treasures, the history of copper spans 10,000 years. Unlike today, with the abundant choices of metallics, copper was the only metal for the first 5000 years until metallurgy began and then gold began to be used.

While copper is used in so many applications beyond the home, it always pops and captivates. A little copper can go a long way for making a room a little bit extra special.

So when you are thinking about options during a room makeover at your home, don’t forget about adding a pop of copper.

We’ll be talking about copper in home décor during our HossDesign Twitter chat on Wednesday, January 11th at 8pmET. I hope you’ll join us.