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A Fresh Idea for Your Kitchen: The Ikon Apron Sink

Spring is here and our thoughts naturally move towards renovating. In my day-to-day work as a designer, I must admit, kitchens are one of my most favourite rooms to design and renovate.

Today, we have an abundance of choices available to us. Take kitchen sinks for instance. Not only are there fantastic, smart design choices out there, technology has expanded over the years to create products that make our lives simpler and our investments longer lasting.

Consider Blanco for example. Their Silgranit line of sinks and coordinating faucets are constructed of an exclusive composite combined with up to 80 per cent natural granite, making it virtually impervious to scratch, stain, heat and impact; not to mention they clean up easily which is a huge bonus. The sinks are available in seven different colours designed to blend well with many trending countertop possibilities to create a seamless look in your kitchen.

One of my favourite additions this year from Blanco is the Ikon apron sink. This design offers a slightly tapered profile giving a modern twist to the traditional apron front sink, and a great possibility for a more contemporary approach to your kitchen.

Purchasing your new kitchen sink is a long-term investment, and should be given equal consideration as your cabinetry, flooring, appliances or countertop. It needs to be beautiful, functional, durable and of the highest quality standards to create a wonderful, aesthetically inspirational design in your kitchen. It’s important that you look to a quality brand you can love and trust for years to come

Designer Linda Mazur is the principal designer of Linda Mazur Design Group. With over a decade of experience, this sought-out multi-disciplinary interior design firm is known for providing innovative interior renovations and full-scale build projects that reflect both timeless style and optimal functionality. The firm services Toronto, GTA and surrounding areas. www.lindamazurdesign.com @LindaMazurGroup

-by Linda Mazur