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Colour paint trends for fall

Mother Nature's neutral makes a splash this season

Colour trends for the fall are almost always nature inspired. The explosion of gold and crimson appearing on the trees outside inevitably leads us to look for ways to bring some of that beauty inside our home.

For this fall in home fashion, blues set the stage for the traditional warmer, autumn palette. Blue, like green is another of Mother Nature’s neutrals – so it coordinates beautifully with many colours and many styles. It’s magnificent as a main colour, backdrop or subtle accent. This season’s popular blue story varies from deep inky blue, to classic greyed navy and fashionable beach-glass inspired blue-green.

Blue is traditionally a favourite bedroom colour. Here the softened navy, evening dove is a timeless classic. Sophisticated and worldly, this traditional shade is perfect for any room and will surely withstand the test of time. Pair it with taupe, white and your favourite accent colour for a contemporary spin.

Stratton blue brings a more casual mood to this guest room with its coastal water and sky feel. Chocolate brown is the perfect companion to the cheerful blue to add warmth and comfort.

For a graphic, modern feel, try on some Polo blue this fall. It’s a rich, inky “almost black” shade of blue that especially pops when paired with white. Paint it with Benjamin Moore’s Aura semi-gloss for a sleek, designer look or combine it with this season’s fashionable khaki green for a more luxurious scheme. In this kitchen we added the vibrancy of autumn’s gold to the ceiling to warm it up and balance the sharp, cool tones.

If blue is just too sedate for you and you crave some bolder fall colours – reds are also having a comeback. The fashion runways were full of them from hints of pink to downright vivacious red! Just as a red handbag can add so much to a neutral outfit, a piece of furniture painted in a bold red brings new life to any piece and can quickly and inexpensively transform any room in your home.

Whether it’s just a fresh coat of existing colours or a whole new autumn palette, paint can play an integral role in creating the vision you have for a beautiful fall makeover!

Happy decorating!

*TIP: Whatever colour you decide to bring into your home décor plans for fall, remember to take it for a test drive first with a Benjamin Moore color sample. Paint it on a board that you can move around the room to give it context or paint it directly on the wall.

-by Sharon Grech