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5 Flowering Plants That Grow Well in the Shade

Finding plants that thrive in shade can seem like a difficult task. Many beautiful flowers love full sun, but what about that garden at the side of the house that gets virtually none of those warm rays?

Believe it or not there are actually quite a few flowering plants that love shade. Many of these plants are beautiful and grow very well in an environment where Mr. Sun won’t be shining down on them.


More commonly referred to as the Houseleek, the Sempervivum is an ornamental succulent that thrives in the shade. In fact, these beautiful little guys can even be grown indoors.

Dicentra Spectabilis

These shade loving perennials are usually referred to as “Bleeding Hearts” due to their appearance. The bleeding heart actually resembles a small white or pink heart with a small blood drop at the end.

Jerusalem Sage

This wonderful shade loving plant makes for great ground cover. This plant is great for your shady garden. As the Jerusalem sage ages, the plant’s flowers turn colour from pink to purple. Plant them under shrubs or tall trees to create a beautiful effect.


The Hydrangea is more of a “shrub” than it is a plan; however it’s great in the shade. The Hydranga, also knowns as “Hydrangea macrophylla,” produces large flowers of many different colours. This shrub can also reach more than 10 inches across in measurement.


Perfect for edging your shaded garden area! There are Red, Pink, Lavender purple and many more colours available. These are beautiful for your garden.

There are many choices when it comes to flowering plants that grow in shade. You just have to find the right ones that work for your garden. Always make sure you have done some research before buying so that you know what will grow for you.