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5 easy design updates for your outdoor space

Have you been looking around the yard and front of your home with the urge to make a few updates? Just to add something easy and new to freshen up the façade and backyard? Well, me, too.

Before you get started scanning Pinterest, I have five easy design updates that are my go-to solutions to update curb appeal and backyards.

1) Fabric infusion. Adding smart fabric patterns with pillows, cushions and throws to an outdoor seating area can not only infuse some visual fun into your outdoor room, it can also make your seating area look new and more expensive. 

2) Painted chairs. Yes, paint your chairs. Whether they are plastic or wood, painting or staining your outdoor furniture can make them not only look fresh, they can help keep them healthy to withstand the weather all year-round. 

3) Light it up. Adding string lights above a little seating area or painting pots with glow-in-the-dark paint can not only make your yard more usable at night, it can also enhance a party or create an intimate atmosphere. 

4) Flower power. I’m a flower girl. Whether in raised garden beds, in tabletop pots, hanging baskets, or in a traditional garden, flowers are one of the easiest ways to make any home feel more like spring. 

5) Play places. Kids rule my backyard in the spring and summer months and create areas for them to play. Why not add a chalkboard, a little stage, or little fort in the backyard? Even if it’s just a pallet floor for a stage. Or a pallet with a few posts in the ground and outdoor fabric tied to the posts for a fort? Having a little place of their own helps keep some of the yard free for us grown-ups to enjoy springtime, too.