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4 Design Trends Not to Miss at National Home Show

Glen Peloso and Jamie Alexander spot this year’s show for the hottest new design trends

Great design begins with beauty and brains —and this season the results are remarkable. We’ve been busy working on our “Trend Spotted” feature for the upcoming National Home Show and the following four big ones caught our designer eye for spring 2016. Have a peek:

Chinoiserie 2.0 

These classic blue and white Asian prints have enhanced home décor for thousands of years. This time around, the colour palette and inspiration imagery is reinterpreted and boldly explodes in fabrics, artwork, lighting and, of course, decorative l’objet. For 2016, this is definitely not your grandmother’s china.

Mad for Metallics 

Metals are mixed up! From satin brass, nickel and rose gold to soft gold, silver and copper… it’s a liberating time in terms of metals and we’re steering towards a variety of finishes. We like to say, “it’s not shiny and brassy, it’s rich and classy.” And we believe it, with its muted and weathered feel.

Colour Code 

Pantone’s annual colour reveal often has clients wondering if they have to change everything. The answer, of course, is no. However, if Rose Quartz or Serenity appeal to you, there are smart ways to introduce subtle hits of either tone into a space to create a sense of 2016 without breaking the bank. Throw pillows, vases, candles and fresh flowers allow people to capture that Pantone feeling without committing to re-upholstering a sofa in pale pink.

The Connected Home 

Innovation is everywhere! Just as we want to make our homes a beautifully designed reflection of ourselves, we’re also as a society seeking out smart connected solutions that allow us to live in our homes more conveniently, comfortably and safely. In fact, Best Buy is going to have an incredible Smart Home on display at the National Home Show – we got a sneak peek and fell in love with the Nest Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat 3rd GenerationRing's Video Doorbell and Philips Hue Light Bulbs – all controllable with your smartphone.

We’d love to see you at the National Home Show!  See full schedule details at National Home Show.