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3 Ways to Light Your Kitchen Right

We put so much thought into the cabinetry, appliances and countertops when designing a kitchen but it’s also important not to forget about how important it is that your kitchen is properly lit to not only make it functional but also to show off all of its great design features. When designing any kitchen, lighting is such an important factor and needs to be carefully considered.

As a designer I have learned that it is most important to illuminate a kitchen in three different levels. The first being the overall—by using pot lights and taking advantage of as much natural light as possible. The second being function—by adding lighting undercounter and task lighting above the sink and stove. And lastly being accent—such as pendants over your island and highlighting feature areas. 

To create an overall glow and brighten your kitchen without natural light; LED or halogen pot lights are fantastic since they give off a crisp light and will make your kitchen sparkle. Put your pot lights on dimmers and highlight different areas with separate switches. Pot lights are now available in so many varieties, shapes, colours and sizes. LED potlights are definitely worth the expense as they have a longer life and are available to give off a warmer light. For a contemporary home, opt for square potlights. Trimless, square potlights in white or black are fabulous option for a high end, modern look.

Undercounter lights are concealed under your cabinets and are typically an inexpensive florescent. We recommend a warm florescent bulb or LED rope lighting in a warm tone so you can feature nicely the items on your counters. When designing your cabinetry, ensure you include the lighting under cabinet, which is concealed with a light rail or incorporated into the cabinetry. 

For accent lighting, this is where you can have fun. I always say accent lighting and cabinet hardware are the jewelry for your kitchen. It is with the selection of the right lighting and hardware that will define the look you are trying to achieve from modern, traditional, rustic or to add some whimsy. .

Keep in mind when purchasing kitchen appliances what type of lighting they offer, as this may affect your lighting plan and you should adjust accordingly. When I design clients’ kitchens, I love incorporating floating shelves into the kitchen; incorporate hidden lighting with puck or LED rope lights into or underneath these shelves for a custom look while being practical.

Most importantly, finally please remember to map out your lighting effectively. Consider hiring a company like ours at the beginning to ensure your kitchen is the most functional it can be. 

Important Designer Tip: A must do is add dimmers to truly make a big difference to how your kitchen functions. Depending on the natural light available at different times of the day and the various cooking / entertaining uses of your kitchen, the ability of adjusting your lighting at different times of day will create different moods and save on your energy bill!

Accredited Designer Kate Davidson is the principal of Kate Davidson Design inc. The firm is a multi-disciplinary interior design firm. Provides complete design, renovating and decorating services for residential & commercial clients throughout the GTA. The firm focuses on creating stylish liveable spaces as unique as their clients www.katedavidsondesign.com @KateDavidson_

Photo credit Royal lighting

photo credit Stephanie Buchman

-by Kate Davidson