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  • Family room redesign

3 Things Glen & Jamie love most about this family room

This family room went unfinished for years. Now that the kids have flown the coop, these homeowners hired Peloso and Alexander to give them the cozy room they have longed for.

The Client: A lovely couple with a relatively large house and a seemingly unfinished family room, which remained so until it was time for their eldest daughter to be married. Suddenly, it was go time! With the original popcorn ceiling and an overbuilt fireplace flanked by lost space on either side, the sign of the times (specifically the 1980s) was even evident right down to the over-stuffed chairs in the room. With a wish to create a space in keeping with the rest of their beautifully designed home, this client longed for a cozy, warm and inviting room in which to curl up in and enjoy time together with family and friends.

Thrilled with the end result (see photo), here’s what we love most about it:

1. The fireplace wall with its custom counter sunk television and sheer stone front—functional, sleek and warm at the same time; 

2. The winning juxtaposition of gold metals, warm woods and luxurious velvets combined with stone lamps, industrial-looking black floor lamps and iron side tables; 

3. The wall of framed black and white images taken by the client to create a collage and a sense of personal space that really speaks to the family!