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3 reasons why you shouldn’t paint your ceiling white

Before you grab for that gallon of white paint, consider a bold colour to take your ceiling to new heights

It’s true. White isn’t always the best colour for your ceiling.

If your face just crinkled up, and you did that slight-head-turn we do when our brain says: ‘say, what?’ don’t worry. I completely understand your reaction. Just stay with me to the end of this post about ceiling colour.

Why should we care about the colour of the ceiling?

Our ceilings are being ignored.

Yes, I went there. Beyond the deliberation of what kind of ceiling light fixture to use or if there should be crown moulding, there usually is little thought put into the rest of the ceiling. Yet we spend hours thinking about paint colours for the walls, and the colour and texture of our flooring.

And unlike walls and floors, your ceiling is usually the biggest uncluttered expanse in any room.

Why you should paint your ceiling something other than white.

A painted ceiling can make your room seem larger. Our human eyes are drawn to colour contrast. We can’t help it. So, a white ceiling against a bold coloured wall emphasizes the ceiling-wall line around the room. By continuing the same wall colour onto the ceiling, you can avoid visual contrast that emphasizes the size and shape of the room. When the colour is the same on the floor and ceiling, the edges and corners in the room will melt away, allowing the colour to recede and giving the illusion of a larger, calmer space.

A painted ceiling can make a ceiling seem higher. If you have a small bathroom or a long hallway, you’ll delight in the benefit of a painted ceiling. Continuing the colour around the space will help make the room brighter, and the ceilings higher. Since a lighter colour will have the strongest effect, I’d choose from the outer two colours on a paint strip. And yes, you can use white to paint the walls and ceiling. Just don’t forget to add some texture through decor and some interesting lighting, so that it doesn’t feel like a hospital.

A painted ceiling can make your room seem richer. There’s something about a jewel tone that gives an expensive impression. If you choose a rich, jewel tone colour for your walls, carry it through to the ceiling. The continuity of saturated colour will turn any room from ‘ok’ to ‘oh wow.’

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