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3 Great Ways to Get to the Bar

Here are three ways to achieve the form and function of the look.

Some of you may recall the basement bars of rumpus rooms past, complete with Naugahyde button tufting and a padded bar edge – thankfully gone for good. For the last couple of decades the bar was not to be seen, with drinks coming from a liquor cabinet and often under lock and key. Today, the bar is a beautiful part of the decor of the room. Here are three ways to achieve the form and function of the look.

  • 1) Build it in. If you’re at the point of planning a renovation and redoing the room, now is the perfect time to think about a bar. Ideally, build in a sink, a dishwasher drawer for barware and glasses, and a beverage fridge. It can double as a craft space or as a surface for wrapping gifts, and can also provide you with lots of additional storage for things that may not be related to the bar.
  • 2) Conceal in a cabinet. Our time at furniture markets has shown us that the bar cabinet is back with perhaps the same popularity it enjoyed in the 1920s.These beautiful pieces of furniture are elegant and understated when they are closed. When opened, the velvet-lined lighted interiors with glasses and bottle storage, divided drawers for openers and strainers along with a built-in cutting board for garnishes are simply stunning and oh-so Dowton Abbey.
  • 3) Wheel it around. The bar cart on wheels is a good accessory for any room largely because it can float wherever you need and want it to be. The wheels give it a transient quality that is wonderfully suited to small flexible spaces. It can also be used as a side table when need be. They are generally made of glass and metal so consume very little aesthetic space, keeping a room light and airy.