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3 DIY Tips to Upcycle Pallets for Your Home and Garden

I’m an upcycler and repurposer at heart. When I see an object, I see the potential for the object, and not necessarily just its current physical form.

That’s why a pallet is an interesting and budget-friendly source for DIY materials. Pair those qualities with an inexpensive price tag in many places, including my favourite DIY shop source Habitat for Humanity ReStore, the pallet is more than just palatable.

So what do you need to know about working with pallets? Here are three things you need to know before you get started DIYing with pallets.

Variety. The benefit of variety is that there are options to size, shape and the amount of wear. The challenge of variety is that if you are building a bed platform or other modular DIY project, there might be an issue with lining up the boards to get the same height or width.

Source. The fun of a pallet is imagining what it was used for in its previous life. It could have transported books or toys or tools. The challenge of an unknown source is that we have no idea what kind of chemical or environmental encounters it has experienced. So be wary of using a raw pallet for your dining table. Clean the pallets, and seal the pallets before thinking about bringing them inside.

Strength. The pallet is a well-used shipping tool because it is a strong and durable design. The challenge of the pallet’s construction is that requires some muscle and tools to take apart. You may be lucky enough that your pallets are easy to dismantle, but we haven’t found that pallet yet. We recommend using a circular saw, with the inner support beams as a guide, to cut the pallet apart. While this leaves you with less wood to work with, it saves the time of painstakingly trying to tear the boards off of those perpendicular pieces of wood. And DIY is supposed to be fun and rewarding. There is nothing like finishing a project the same day as when it was started.

If you have any pallet repurposing stories, we’d love to know. Send me a tweet @myfixituplife or @hossmagazine.