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Sarah Baeumler

While Bryan has been entertaining viewers worldwide for over ten years on HGTV and the DIY Network, Sarah has been dealing with the spotlight in a very different way. Sarah owned and operated her own business (a classical dance studio) in their hometown of Oakville, ON. After many years in business, three hit television shows, a husband’s career that was exploding, and four young children at home, Sarah decided to trade in her dance shoes to help Bryan run their expanding businesses. From owning a booming television production company to a thriving business building custom homes, Sarah has spent a great deal of time building the Baeumler brand. In 2009 Sarah joined her husband on air as fans watched in record-numbers as they built their custom dream home for their family in the hit television series House of Bryan. The success of the series has led to two additional seasons including House of Bryan: On The Rocks, and the most recent season House of Bryan: In The Sticks.

In 2012 Bryan and Sarah launched the Baeumler Family Foundation -- a charitable organization that provides renovations to families in need of safety, accessibility and security. They have combined Bryan’s innate construction and business leadership with Sarah’s positive impact on children’s growth and development to create a Foundation that strives to help families better the quality of life for their children.

Sarah has been a spokesperson for multiple products including SC Johnson Scrubbing Bubbles, OxiClean Canada, Sherwin William’s HGTV Home Paint and more. 

For more information on Sarah please visit www.sarahbaeumler.com.