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Joel Roorda

Timber King
Joel Roorda - HOSS Magizine contributor

While all the guys say they’re the best, Joel means it the most. He believes there’s nobody else in the world who can do what he does, and for the most part it’s true. Joel started working for Pioneer at age 16, and today he gets the most complex, difficult projects with clients often requesting him by name.

Joel is the puzzle-solver of the group and has travelled the world setting up homes. He also serves as a reminder of how dangerous their job truly is. Joel has fallen off roofs, cracked his back, busted bones, and nearly cut off his leg. Andre initially predicted to Joel he wouldn’t last a day, but now he’s been with Pioneer for 24 years.

In his spare time Joel has built his own amazing log home on a hill, which he is always improving, first with an elaborate workshop for himself, then with a tree house for this kids – with power and running water, of course.