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Damon Bennett

Construction expert.

For Damon Bennett construction is a way of life. A trusted expert and television staple for over a decade, Damon has earned the respect of industry heavy weights and the admiration of fans world wide.

When he was just 12 years old, growing up in a rural area outside of Ottawa, Damon officially started working in the industry—first as a bricklayer’s helper, then as a roofer, framer and renovator.

A childhood fascination with restoration become a full fledged passionate career of making people’s dreams come true. His solid workmanship, along with a reputation for being a stand up guy with a big heart, landed him a job working on the top show on HGTV. He quickly climbed the ranks and became the Crew Supervisor, for nearly ten years he was an integral key to the team and the success of the shows. These days Damon lends his expertise to Cityline as a regular segment contributor, and runs a very busy construction company, building and renovating homes.

Damon specializes in carpentry, structural reinforcement and construction coordination, but he isn’t just a leader in name, he is a mentor to his crews and is often the first to jump in, swing the hammer, and get his hands dirty. When not working on a job-site, Damon can usually be found with the many animals that he has rescued or dedicating his time to his charity work with veteran’s groups.