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Bryan Reid Jr.

Timber Kings Crew Boss
Bryan Reid Jr. - HOSS Magizine contributor

As a child, if Bryan Junior wanted to see his father, he would have to work at the yard. While other kids were watching cartoons on Saturday morning, he was hauling logs in the woods. When he was younger, Bryan Jr. had no ambition to join the family business, but after growing up building log homes, he realized how much it meant to him.

Today Bryan Jr. is known for his unstoppable work ethic and addiction to log building. If he’s not in the yard, he’s in the office. If it’s a weekend, he’s often building a house for himself - Bryan Jr. has built 10 (and counting) of his own personal homes across North America. Bryan Jr. also has a fishing resort with several Pioneer cabins, which he built himself over 8 years of hard work. A family business, the resort is managed by Bryan Jr.'s wife.

In light of his dad’s recent cancer scare, Bryan Jr. has found himself with one foot in the work yard and one in the office. While Bryan Sr., André and Bryan Jr. share control of the company, a lingering friction also exists. Not one for office politics, Jr.'s heart belongs in the work yard.