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Bryan Reid Sr.

Founder & Owner of Pioneer Log Homes of BC
Bryan Reid Sr. - HOSS Magizine contributor

As a boy, Bryan Reid spent many winters with his father trudging through deep snow and extreme cold in the Canadian wilderness tending their trap-lines. At the end of each day, they’d light a fire in a small, rustic log cabin and it would be complete heaven.

At age 18, Bryan was married with a son on the way and needed a place to live. He wanted a log cabin like the ones in his youth, and he knew he could build it with the help of a First Nations man, Samson Jack. Although Samson could neither read nor write, he could use hand tools to lift and stack logs weighing thousands of pounds. Samson taught Bryan everything he knows. Bryan’s brother André describes him as “stubborn as an ox” and says Bryan’s hard-driving attitude has often made the impossible, possible.

Now sharing the reins of Pioneer with André and Bryan Jr., Bryan Sr.'s persistence often leads to clashes. He is notoriously on the clients’ side, no matter how it affects the schedule or bottom line.

When Bryan was diagnosed with cancer in 2005, the doctors gave him a less than 5 per cent chance of survival. His single-minded doggedness got him through, together with his belief in God and support from all his family and friends who cared and prayed for him.