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Recycle and repurpose your furniture

There are so many things we’d like to change in our homes and sometimes our eyes are bigger than our wallets! Perhaps you need a change for yourself, but your kids are also aching for a space of their own. How do you manage it all? Here’s one way: think “smart” and think of the “big picture.” Start by recycling and repurposing furniture from around the house, giving it an unexpected new life in a new location. Here’s how it was done for this boy’s room.

Paint your furniture

Painting furniture is simple, cheap and it results in a dramatic transformation. Take a tired, old yellow pine bedroom suite, sand it, prime and paint it in any colour you want and you will have an entire new look in your room! In this case, the furniture was painted black to give it a modern, masculine vibe. The results are spectacular!

Change the knobs

There are so many fun options out there from: iron, ceramic, crystals, metals and more. Changing the knobs or decorative hardware on any furniture can go a long way in refreshing its appearance.

Change its purpose

This boy’s bedroom suite used to be the parents' old pine furniture. Reusing and repurposing the furniture meant two rooms could change at the same time – and the homeowners would only have to refurnish one of them!


Anything that is of good quality build is a good candidate to be upholstered. Consider fresh, new, neutral fabrics on big items and go for fun, bold patterns and textures on accent pieces like headboards, chairs, ottomans.

The rest of the magic is in the accessories and décor that pulls the room together. Be creative and consider the potential to re-use pieces you already have in your home. This will satisfy your urge to make changes around your home, without breaking the bank!