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Small bathroom : big potential with Matt Muenster

Bathrooms are tricky little spaces. All too often that statement comes with a very heavy emphasis on the word “little”. On my show, Bath Crashers, you’ll see me knock down walls and create huge bathroom retreats, but I know, for many of us, a reno of that scale is not possible. Luckily, along the way I’ve learned a few tricks that can help make the most of what you’ve got when you’re attacking a small bathroom renovation.

Vanity is everything

Choosing the right vanity is key. Installing a floating or wall-mounted vanity is a visual trick that really helps to make a small space appear larger. Every cubic inch counts in a small space and these vanities also tend to be a bit shallower than ones that sit on the floor. To step it up a notch, think about adding some LED strip lighting below the sink for a killer nightlight detail.

Light it right

Lighting cannot be overemphasized when it comes to making a small space feel more inviting.The ideal lighting position is at eye level, shining directly on your face. Certain mirror manufacturers do the work for you, by putting their lighting directly within the mirror. It’s the most flattering way to view your reflection and a great way to start your day. Consider putting all of your lighting on dimmer switches to give you greater control and add visual interest.

A place for everything

Storage is important in every bathroom, regardless of size, but in a small bathroom it’s critical. Small spaces require you to be clever and think outside the (tiny) box. You may want to look to the areas between the studs in your wall, to see if you can design recessed storage – it looks great and doesn’t take up valuable square footage. One place where this kind of storage potential is often overlooked is in the shower. Recessed shower niches are the ideal place to store personal grooming products that you’ll be reaching for anyway.

Cut the clutter

The biggest enemy of a small bathroom is clutter. Be sure you’re only storing the things you absolutely need in your small bathroom. And then, get creative and see if you can tap into some of these overlooked storage spaces. You’ll be surprised at how a tiny – but tidy – room starts to feel bigger.

-by Matt J Muenster