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5 things you can do to make your home look like a million bucks.

Five things you can do this weekend to make your home look like a million bucks.

More and more people are asking me how they can have that million-dollar facelift without investing their entire savings. Here are my top tips for making your home look like a million bucks without spending a lot of time or money. Most of them can be done in a weekend.

1 Add mouldings and trim

Replacing or adding detailed baseboards, crown moulding and door casings can make a huge difference in the home. I call these cosmetic renovations, and if you did nothing else in your home, this will still have a huge visual impact.

2 Upgrade your doors

Give your flat, boring interior doors a facelift by turning them into paneled doors. Just buy some panel moulding and nail it to the surface of the door. There are a lot of styles available and it costs pennies compared to buying a whole new door.

3 Change your hardware

There are so many options, designs and finishes available: you can swap out everything from cabinet doors to bathroom towel bars to painted door hinges. All this will make a difference.Note: when replacing, pay attention to the size and location of the old hardware. For instance, if you are replacing a cabinet door pull, be aware of the spread between the existing drilled holes so you won't need to patch and sand the old holes.

4Paint or paper a room

A fresh coat of paint is the best way to make your home look better and make you feel better. Add one brighter wall in a room to get a “pop.” Try something bright. It’s just one wall!

5 Colour your ceiling

The ceiling is the fifth wall and too many people forget about it. Try something other than white there, too. Tint your ceiling colour with your wall colour for an elegant look. Or go full-on colour—keeping in mind that a darker tone will make your ceiling feel a bit lower. You can also wallpaper a ceiling and many of my clients do just that for a very dramatic look.

“Contractor to the Stars” Stephen Fanuka is the go-to guy for luxury interior renovation in Manhattan. His TV show Million Dollar Contractor can be seen on HGTV and DIY Network.