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  • Protect your boundaries with a fence

Protect your boundaries with a fence

Back in my early days of design school, we were asked as a class to define the Canadian backyard. What should have been a fairly easy task ended up being a discussion on the idea that there really isn’t a definition of our national backyard that worked for everyone.

That said, we all agreed that a fence around the perimeter was pretty standard in almost every urban home. As property owners packed into small spaces like city lots, we feel the need to protect and to maximize our available spaces. Too often, neighbours will disagree about property lines and things like overhanging trees or incorrectly built fences.

Recently I spoke with a representative of Protect Your Boundaries, an online site helping homeowners with all of the legal issues regarding their property lines. I wasn’t surprised that someone finally put all of the pertinent information in one spot.

The most important part of building a fence—talk to your neighbour first. Even if you don’t get along, having a civil conversation about a detail that will affect both of your spaces will make life easier going forward.