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Legoland Is Hiring 20 Model Builders And Designers

Get paid to play!

Growing up, was it a dream to get paid for playing with toys?

Well now you can.

The new Legoland factory, formally called the Merlin Magic Making Hub in Winter Haven, Florida, is seeking 20 builders and designers to build innovative and unique Lego homes around the world, as well as model attractions of theme parks, people, animals and popular landmark sites.

The facility recently had its grand opening and they already have 50 builders and designers on its Lego-making team.

So, what are the job requirements to play with Lego all day long?

First, you only need a high-school diploma. Second, you will need to prove yourself as a true “Lego-addict” during the job interview, which requires you to demonstrate your talent and passion for building and designing with Lego.

Max Petrosky, one of the company’s new hires, says he is blown away with his new job.

“This is definitely very much a dream job,” he says. “When you're a kid, you play with Lego, you know? To actually make a living, actually working with Lego, it’s just really incredible.” 

-by HOSS Staff