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Keep your home safe this winter with a generator

It may be an expensive hit to take, but generators can save you money and peace of mind down the road

One of the most unpredictable seasons is winter. The snow. The wind. The ice. Old Man Winter can be one of the harshest and hazardous seasons, bringing along weather conditions that can wreak havoc on your home.

Blackouts, brownouts, ice storms, lightning and floods are just some of the increasing weather activities that can cause a power outage and cut off your heat and lighting supply and even your running water.

Nobody wants to be left without heat, electricity or water. Especially in the cold winter months. To protect you and your family from the devastating effects of unpredictable weather and outages, and to give yourself peace of mind, consider investing in a residential generator.

Having backup
The purpose of a backup generator is to power your home in the event of a power outage. Today’s generators offer a variety of sizes, depending on the needs of the home and allow the homeowners to select what immediate electrical needs they may have when the power goes out. What's important to you? The AC, the stove, the dryer, your lights, alarm? All those items are selected during a consultation visit with a master electrician and the size of the unit required is then priced accordingly.

You're in control

Should the power go out, you are in charge. You can select the entire home to be on an ATS – Automatic Transfer Switch–that within minutes restores power back to your home.

A total home generator is self-managed by you, the homeowner. When the power goes out, the entire house can be on the generator. A homeowner can decide to use stove, lights, hot water, the sump pump etc.

The power of practicality

Generators are no longer a luxury item. Toronto, alone, has seen its fair share of storms, blackouts and power cycling–even in the summer months–which is why generators are becoming increasingly important to have in the house.

That’s because the cost of repairing damage to a home as a result of a power outage–like a basement flood thanks to an unpowered sump pump–can cost more than the generator itself. Basement floods, rotten food in a freezer or fridge can cost thousands.

The costs
The cost of a generator can be more than $10,000 to supply and install. However, the cost of a generator could offset the cost of repairs should your home get damaged due to inclement weather.

Generators installed with a mobile link using Wi-Fi capabilities can alert you if something goes wrong and you’re away from home. It will actually email and text the homeowner if there is a change in status of the unit, a power outage or if it's on normal cycle. That way if you're away on vacation, you always get alerted immediately on any changes to your home power supply.

And that peace of mind, will keep you warm all winter.

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-by Hotwire Electric