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Matt Blashaw talks everything renovation

House getting a little too cozy for comfort? Before you decide to dig up the backyard and build your addition, be sure to consider your options carefully. Licenced contractor and HGTV host Matt Blashaw shares this checklist of things to consider before you decide whether it makes sense to add on, or move on.

A major renovation might be right for you if:

  • You love your home.
  • You love your neighbourhood.
  • You plan to stay here for years.
  • You can afford a major renovation.
  • You’ve got your finances set up to pay for the renovation. Talk to your bank. Don’t assume!
  • You’ve done the math and it makes good investment sense to add on to your home.
  • You can cope with the stress of a major renovation. (For a full addition, allow two to three months.)
  • You don’t need to overbuild for your neighbourhood to get the house of your dreams.


Have your house appraised. Assess comparable properties in your neighbourhood that feature the renovations you’re planning. See if the difference in price adds up to something worth your time, effort and money.

If you build something too big or grand for your ‘hood, you’ll have a resale problem.


If you add in an extra bath or ensuite while you’re building, you’ll add some luxury (you deserve it after you survive the reno) and increase your home’s resale value even more.

-by Matt Blashaw