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Hoss celebrity contributor wins world record

For Bryan Reid Sr. , the cedar rocket was a dream come true. But now it's also a record-setter.

The Timber King, known for building extraordinary log homes alongside his team at Pioneer Log Homes of British Columbia, built the log car from a 240-year-old western red cedar harvested in British Columbia.

“Right from the start, we noticed the log had a dynamic uniformity similar to a rocket ship, which is how we chose its name,” wrote Bryan Reid Sr. in the winter issue of HOSS magazine. “To our knowledge, there has never been a racecar or any vehicle constructed from a single log.”

There has also never been a wooden racecar to set a Guinness World Record. Until now.

Reid Sr.'s Cedar Rocket sped to 50mph on two runs.

“The Guinness World Record required two runs with a minimum 50 mph, so that was great,” says Reid Sr. “I felt like Chuck Yeager must have felt when he broke the sound barrier for the first time in history. I thought about the song “Green Onions” from American Graffiti by Booker T and the Mgs.”

The next stop for The Cedar Rocket? Reid Sr. says it will appear at trade shows around North America until next January when it will be auctioned off. All proceeds will go to Veteran Organizations.

Catch The Timber Kings on Sunday nights on HGTV at 10 pm EST.

-by HOSS Staff